About me

I've always had an interest in design and technology, and my dream was to have a career in tech. I spent much of my teenage years designing logo's and websites. 

During my studies, I delved into the fascinating academic fields of design, HCI, and psychology. I was intrigued by the interaction between humans and technology?, and by how design can influence and shape human behaviour. Ever since I have had the desire to use this knowledge, skillset and persuasive power for good.

Nowadays, I get to apply my design and product expertise to play a key role in creating value for businesses. I am curious by nature and eager to learn new things. I take pride in working on complex challenges, building innovative products, and making an impact.

To further improve and broaden my product skills and knowledge, I am working on several side projects⚒ to bring my own ideas to life and to struggle with code. In 2020, I co-founded LegalHunt to help law students and graduates match with potential employers.